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Well, this has been quite the year!

Hi everyone!,

Firstly, I am sorry that I have not made a post in an incredibly long time, so this one is massively overdue. In June, while on my way to Hampton Court Palace (I was also meant to be attending Tracy Borman's Crown and Sceptre talk on the Friday which I sadly never got to do) I broke my ankle and was stuck on crutches for nearly four months.

However, I was able to hobble around on some little excursions and was excited to see the Thomas Cromwell Book of Hours at Hever before it left. I have to say, the wait was worth it! It was an absolute treasure and so overwhelming to see it next to the famous image painted by Hans Holbein the younger.

Speaking of Holbein, I was thrilled to recently see the new and exciting Holbein in the Tudor Court' exhibition at The Queens Gallery, Buckingham Palace. My plan is to write a few more extensive blog posts so you can see all the things I have been up to since having two working legs again. It is not word of a lie that I went totally and utterly stir crazy. I am not a person to be at home doing nothing and being off work and unable to visit historical places of interest absolutely killed me. Luckily I had some incredible people around me that ensured I got to still enjoy the things I loved and make the most of the 'quiet time' being stuck in bed or on a chair gave me. Sadly, this still did not involve blogging because, anyone who has had a injury like this will tell you, the painkillers really do stifle any creativity that you have.

But now I am back I have TONNES to tell you. For example, now we have completed our move and we are in a house and no longer a flat, I have a study and room to not only blog and post on my site but also make other content too. So stay tuned for my escapades at Halloween, another trip to Ypres and the Somme, an emotional time in Belfast, the Holbein exhibition I previously mentioned and this coming weekend a trip to the Christmas fun and frolics at Hever Castle.

Stay tuned!


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