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About Me!

Hi, I'm Ayse!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. Hello, and welcome!

I know it sounds incredibly cliched by I have always loved history. You see, history and I go back a very long way, pardon the pun! I remember visiting Hever Castle when I was just six years of age and from then on I wanted to learn everything I could about the past. History remained my first love all the way through school, past my GCSE's, through my A-Levels, then my Degree and finally to my Masters. I have so many areas I am interested in and equally so many new ones I have no explored yet! My specialist areas are the Tudors/Early Modern period with a keen focus point on the impact of the Reformation. My other area of study is The Great War. For the Great War I specialise in the process of  remembrance which includes the work on Shell Shock,  memory,   trauma and its legacy. Away from this I have another huge love in history and that is my continued work with the Charlie Chaplin Estate which looks closely at Chaplin's early years in London and how this time had a major impact on his life and the character's  he would create. This adventure has taken me all around the world, speaking at film festivals in Italy as well as visiting his archives in Bologna and his home in Switzerland. 


Eventually I would love to complete a PHD, but for now, I simply.....write! 

So, here we are! Here is where I plan on expanding that love into various different areas such as exhibition, film, TV and book reviews, interviews with some cracking like-minded people, podcasts, blog and so much more!

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