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As many of you are aware, one of my biggest passions in research is the life and times of Charlie Chaplin. In 2020 I was lucky enough to be given the license by the incredible Charlie Chaplin estate to create a graphic novel based on his life. From that point on, Charlie's London was born. Book one was a raging success and in 2022 we released the second instalment on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo which will be fulfilling in August 2023. 

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Caught between the world he had made for himself and the turmoil of the home he left behind, the Little Fellow looks on in his famous melancholy way. This concept, brought to life by the incredible Graham Nolan and available exclusively for this campaign. 

Graham is such an important edition to the campaign from book 1! Anyone who knows their comics will know Graham is the creator of the DC character Bane and his concept art for the Batman film with Robert Pattinson was used for the scenes in the Iceberg Lounge. 

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In 1921 Chaplin returned to his beloved London, the most famous man in the world! Little did he know that that same fame and glory would be the foundations for some of his most artistically brilliant, but also scandalous and heart breaking years of his career. As the premiere of Limelight unfolds, Charlie waits for the press and public reaction to one of his most personal works, his fate is being  decided hundreds of miles away in a land he once called home.
With fantastic interior art by Micky, you wont regret diving into Chaplin's story, like you have never seen it before!    


Intrigued? Click the link here to visit the Crowdfunder!

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